A Precious Jewel

Isn’t it amazing that the way we treat others in the way that we treat Jesus? I was recently in Mozambique, where I visited a garbage dump in which people live in the direst of poverty. The location announces itself far ahead with billows of acrid smoke swirling into the air. Here, families seek to eke out an existence rummaging in the rubbish. It is the most shocking dire poverty imaginable.

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Meeting with the National Law Development Agency – November 15, 2016

ICLS met with the National Law Development Agency/ Badan Pembinaan Hukum Nasional (BPHN) on Tuesday, November 15 2016 at BPHN’s building. ICLS’ team was friendly welcomed by the Head of Legal Education and Aid, Mr. Audy Murfi MZ and his team. On that meeting there were some legal issues being discussed and also BPHN’s workplan was being introduced.

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