4  Main Activities

Our 4 main activities are :


1. Association/Fellowship-engage

ICLS aims to provide a forum for Christian lawyers to meet, discuss and promote the concept of the Christian Lawyers. To cooperate with bar associations and other organizations in asserting and maintaining high standards of legal ethics.


2. Academy–educate and equip

ICLS organizes trainings, workshops, and seminars  in preparing  law students and young legal practitioners for the legal profession. To provide a forum for Christian Lawyers on the discussion of problems relating to Christianity and Law.


3. Assistance–legal aid

ICLS provides technical assistance and consultancy services related to Legal Ethics, Human Rights and Justice, Constitution and Rule of Law, Integrity and Anti-Corruption, Conflict Resolution and Law Firm Management.


4.  Advocacy- raise awareness of:

Family and Community

The Law should protect the most basic human agreement between a man and a woman, and provide for the best interaction between peoples.

Justice for the Poor

No one should be denied Justice. Unfortunately, in many areas of the world the entrance costs to the judicial system prevent the poor from legally protecting themselves, their property, and their rights. Without the guarantee of equal access to the protections of the Law, there can be no rule of law, no equal rights, no Justice.  That’s why Advocates International stands with the poor, and oppressed working to vindicate their human rights by ensuring equal access to a working judicial system.

Peace and Reconciliation

One of the principle works of Justice is mending broken relationships.

Religious Freedom

The Law is not a tool to be used to compel or prevent the expression of  faith.

Rule of Law

The rule of law is the foundation for communities of opportunity and equity—it is the predicate for the eradication of poverty, violence, corruption, pandemics, and other threats to civil society. It offers sustainable economic development, accountable government, and respect for fundamental rights.

Sanctity of Human Life

Advocates International believes that the law must protect every stage of human life because the common out cry, which is justly made on behalf of human rights – for example, the right to health, to home, to work, to family, to culture, to liberty – is false and illusory if the inviolable right to life, the most basic and fundamental right and the condition for all other personal rights, is not defended with maximum determination.